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Civil Engineering 


The basic needs of human beings are food, clothing, and shelter. Every individual needs a good house for shelter, a good transportation facility, the need for water at the doorstep and better sanitation for good health. Civil Engineers are the developers of society therefore have unending demand in all sectors. The Department aims to produce graduate engineers with technical proficiency as well as moral values to establish their identity in major public and private sectors such as structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, water resources, transportation, environmental, and construction industries. The faculties are competent in all major specializations of Civil Engineering. Spacious and well equipped state-of-the-art laboratories and computing facilities are the backbones of the Department. For getting the exposure of the construction industry to our students, the Department frequently organizes field visits and expert talk by top giants of the construction industry and government bodies. Apart from the university curriculum, the Dept. arrange extra activities like model making, chart preparation, seminars, workshops, project competitions, and hands-on training on the latest professional software such as E-Tab, Staad-Pro, and AutoCAD, etc. The Department also offers consultancy services in design, site inspection, survey, and testing of materials to contractors, builders, and government agencies. The Dept. Alumina’s are working in top construction industries and Govt. sector.

Civil Engineering