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Analog & Digital Communication lab


The Analog & Digital Communication Laboratory provides an opportunity for students to design and verify the concepts of modern analog & digital communication systems that operate on frequency from MHz-GHz range.

  • The lab consist of instrument such as single tuned amplifier (AM generator), AM transmitter, frequency modulator using IC 8038 and so on.
  • Total Lab Cost: 2, 48,250/-.


Analog & Digital Electronics Labs



Analog and digital electronics laboratory provides an opportunity for students to conduct analog circuit experiments using discrete active and passive electronic components and devices.

  • The lab is well equipped with regulated power supplies, signal generators, and analog & digital oscilloscopes.
  • Total Lab Cost: 1,99,590/-.

Basic Electronics Lab



Basic electronics laboratory enable students to identify the basic electronics components with pin description such as diode, SCR, DIAC, TRIAC, MOSFET, BJTS, resistors, capacitors etc. Student learned how to calculate the value of electronics components.

  • The important facilities in this lab are Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Signal generators, Digital storage oscilloscopes, Op amp Tester, Dual Regulated power supply, Digital multimeter, Decade resistor box, Decade capacitor box, Decade inductor box, LCR Meter & Digital Ammeters.
  • The cost of the lab is 90820/-.


Microcontroller and Embedded System Lab


Microcontroller & Embedded System Laboratory facilitates students to develop assembly & embedded c language programming skills for many Microcontrollers.

  • This lab consist of instruments like arm cortex (lpc 1768) development board, arm-9 development board, arm-7(lpc2148) development board, uart interfacing lpc GSM and GPS module.
  • The total cost of the lab is 4,25,644/-.


Microwave & Optical Fiber Communication Lab


Microwave Lab is used by students to enhance their skills in optical fiber and Microwave Communication field. It consists of various microwave test benches having Klystron and Gunn diode as microwave sources.

  • This lab is having instruments like antenna trainee kit model ATS04 base, microwave test benches with component.
  • Total Lab Cost: 3,49,400/-.