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Applied Sciences

Applied Sciences & Humanities Department

This department promotes a culture of teaching-learning and scientific growth of its students by building up a sound fundamental background concerning many natural phenomenons in application to all disciplines of Engineering. The department caters to the all-round development of students by providing Mentoring, Psychological counseling, and Enhancing language proficiency. It also conducts various sessions on Leadership qualities, skill and personality development, and stress management. Applied Sciences & Humanities Department includes the following sub-departments: Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, and Communication Skills.

  • The Applied Physics department promotes technical skills to the students in both theoretical and practical areas of physics and helps them to tackle the real-world problems related to engineering physics. A strong and application-oriented understanding of Physics is a pre-requisite for the study of any discipline of Engineering.
  • The Applied Chemistry department demonstrates a broad knowledge of principles and theories of chemistry and provides scientific solutions to real-world problems in the field of engineering chemistry.
  • The Applied Mathematics department develops a student’s mathematical skills and prepares the competency level to provide scientific solutions to all core engineering pressing problems.

Communication Skills

An ability to communicate well is a key soft skill. The communication skill department focuses on helping the students to improve their soft skills with the help of the Advanced English language lab. The department also conducts various activities like personality development, debate, group discussion, time management which helps in  acquiring  strong communication skills to better connect students with their friends, society, and professional colleagues in the workplace. 

Applied Sciences