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Automatic Fabric Dying Machine

It is a fascinating project for agriculturist, gardeners, aquarium keepers and engineers. Aquaponics is a system which cultivates fish and plants simultaneously. Fish waste is used as fertilizer for plants and plants bed filter the water to provide clean and oxygenated water to the fish. Aquaponics system recirculates the same water by filtering multiple times with the help of a submerged water pump and a bell syphon. Plants are growing in stone bed, used for water filtration.  This system is getting very rapid acceptance among concerned researchers as it covers all aspects of STEM education.This project is executed under the guidance of JMES Secretary Mr. Rashid Mukhtar by a team of faculty members and students. It is expected to be a potential solution of irrigation water crisis.

Name of Students: Siddiqui Tabrez, Shaikh Danish, Rangrez M. Sarfaraz, Fayyaz Ahmed, Wagh Swapnil

Guide: Prof. Khan Amjad Abbas