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Nanocomposite Aluminum for Aerospace Applications

Nanocomposite materials are attracting researcher community due to its excellent and thrilling outcomes. Metal nanocomposites, specifically Aluminum nanocomposites, are practiced by aerospace industry due to its high strength to weight ratio and exceptional wear resistance. Every year one project based on nanocomposite material is carried out in Mechanical Engineering Department. Aluminum nanocomposite was formulated by stir die casting with reinforcement of alumina-zirconia (Al2O3-ZrO2) nanocomposite particles. The invented nanocomposite was found excellent in tension and wear resistance. Thermal conductivity also increases but with thermal stability. The nanocomposite was proposed for applications in air-frame, aircraft bearings and manifolds.

Name of Students: Momin Motamir, Abdul Majid, Athar Parvez

Guide: Dr. Muhammad Ramzan