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Solar Powered Electric Vehicle

At present, solar vehicle is used as one of the cardinal energy saving vehicle where the application of renewable energy meets sustainable energy demand with reduction of fuel cost plus purification of atmosphere. One of the front runners in the area of renewable energy resources today is solar power. Photovoltaic cells are used to convert solar energy in to useful electrical energy. The objective of this project is to construct an efficient solar car, so that the one can travel everyday on a reliable and economical car that essentially runs on free renewable solar energy. The project illustrates how the charge generated by an array of solar panels is received and its flow in and out of a battery pack is to be controlled using a charge controller to ensure efficient storing of charge in a battery pack. The stored energy would be fed to a BLDC motor which would run the car. The mechanical construction from scratch of the chassis along with all necessary mechanical systems is illustrated. Finally the wiring of the electrical system onto the mechanical body is demonstrated.

Name of the Students: Momin Shahbaz Akhter Riyaz, Ahmed Ansari Haseeburrahman, Chaudhari Namrata Hiralal, More Yogita Sanjay

Guide: Prof. Sameer Shaikh