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Design & Fabrication of Seed Sowing Machine

Agriculture is the major sector in the world that plays a vital role in developing the economy of a nation. Agro technology is the process of implementing the recent technologies to develop the crops that are being produced. The basic objective of sowing operation is to put the seed in rows at desired depth and seed to seed spacing, cover the seeds with soil and provide proper compaction over the seed. The comparison between the traditional sowing method and the new proposed machine is that Seed Sowing Machine can perform a number of simultaneous operations and has a number of advantages. As day by day the labor availability becomes the great concern for the farmers and labor cost is more, this machine reduces the efforts and total cost of sowing the seeds and fertilizer placement.


Name of Students: Patil Vivek, Deshmukh Tushar, Savale Gaurav, Borse Nikhil, Patil Aakash

Name of Guide: Prof. Faisal Ansari


Design and Fabrication of Hybrid Mini Bike

A bike made by the MMANTC (Mansoora) engineering students. It's a mini bike which can be operates through petrol as well as LPG gas. Chassis of the bike is designed by final year students of MMANTC, Mansoora. Scooty engine is used as power plant. The weight of bike is approximately 70 kg. It gives average of 65 km using petrol and 110 km by using gas. The Bike is having super stability in moped engine with new and simple chassis design.


Name of the students: Md. Anas, Junaid Ahmed, Yaman Ashar, Shafeeque Ahmed, Abdul Aziz

Name of Guide: Prof. Shahezad Mahevi


Design & Fabrication of tricycle with tilting axle & independent suspension system

In this project a manual pedal cycle is modified to tricycle and powered by batteries which are environment-friendly, energy-efficient and cost-effective transport which is giving approximate 100 km drive efficiency ones a battery is charged fully. Three-wheel vehicle having a frame pivotally connected to a two-wheel rear independent suspension assembly  and drive train structured in such a way that, the frame and the front wheel can lean into a corner while the two rear wheels remain Substantially vertical. In additional when vehicle taking turn the two rear wheels of the turning vehicle take turn in same direction making more angle of inclination by inner wheel so that vehicle can turn within small area.


Name of Students: Faizi Anzer, Md. Talha, Aftab Ahmad, Ahmad Mohammad

Name of Guide: Prof. Sai Mandale


Review on Performance and Experimental Investigation on C.I Engine Using Mexicana Oil Biodiesel

Sponsored: Indian Biodiesel Corporation, Baramati Jun 2019

Achievements: The Project got selected for SPPU Incubation.  

Review on Performance and Experimental Investigation on C.I Engine Using Mexicana Oil Biodiesel In recent centuries, biodiesel utilization in C.I engines has got attention due to increase population growth. Biodiesel has been demonstrated to be a virtuous alternative because of its performance corresponding to diesel and the ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this study, the effects of engine load and amount of biodiesel percentage on the performance and emission characteristics of C.I Engine has been examined and presented. The carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) emissions decrease for the biodiesel blend.


Name of Students: Ziya Tanzeel, Momin Abullah, Ansari Sameer, Arzoo Parvez

Name of Guide: Prof. Adeel Ansari                                


Diesel Like fuel from Plastic Waste

Plastic present a major threat to society & environment. Over14 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean annually, killing the species about 1000000 m of ocean life. Remaining tones of plastic dumped in other places of earth which causes dangerous health hazards. By converting plastic into fuel, we solved two issues, one of the large plastic waste & other of the fuel shortage this is dual benefitted and the process can provide a strong platform to build clean and green future. The waste plastic pyrolysis oil represents a good alternative fuel and we can use it as an alternative of diesel since its properties are similar to diesel.


Name of Students: Ansari Mansoor Ah, Md Furquan, Faisal Khan, Nafees Ah

Name of Guide: Prof. Sharique Ather                            


Nanocomposite Aluminum for Aerospace Applications

Nano composite materials are attracting the researcher community due to its excellent and thrilling outcomes. Metal Nano composites, especially Aluminum Nano composites, are practiced by the aerospace industry due to its high strength to weight ratio and exceptional wear resistance. The aluminum Nano composite was formulated by stir die casting with reinforcement of alumina-zirconia (Al2O3-ZrO2) Nano composite particles. The invented Nano composite was found excellent mechanical properties.


Name of Students: Momin Motamir, Abdul Majid, Athar Parvez

Guide: Dr. Muhammad Ramzan                                                                   


Aquaponics- An Agro-Fisheries Project

It is a fascinating project for agriculturists, gardeners, aquarium keepers, and engineers. Aquaponics is a system that cultivates fish and plants simultaneously. Fish waste is used as fertilizer for plants and plant bed filters, to provide clean and oxygenated water to the fish. The Aquaponics system recirculates the same water by filtering multiple times with the help of a submerged water pump and a bell siphon. Plants are growing in the stone bed, used for water filtration.


Guide: This project is executed under the guidance of JMES Secretary Mr.Rashid Mukhtar by a team of faculty members and students


Automatic Fabric Dying Machine

Malegaon is a textile hub and its economy revolves around the textile market. However, the inertia of old technology has retarded the economic growth of the city. To date, the dying process is not carried out at Malegaon which drastically decreases the pro_t margin of the textile producer. MMANTC is continuously studying and analyzing such problems related to the economic and social welfare of the city. An automatic fabric dying machine is designed and fabricated to demonstrate the dying process successfully.


Name of Students: Siddiqui Tabrez, Shaikh Danish, Rangrez M. Sarfaraz, Fayyaz Ahmed, Wagh Swapnil

Guide: Prof. Khan Amjad Abbas


Design and Fabrication of Polymer Rolling Mill

The research presents the improved design of a Polymer rolling milling machine. Polymer rolling mill is the machine now a day which is used widely by the polymer industries to mash up Nano-material and rubber. This project focuses on a mechanically feasible & innovative design involving in different sensors, roller, and belt derive In this project we are using two rollers. In the construction of the design, it is expected to use indigenous technology and to increase efficiency, minimize cost, and maximize profit.


Name of students: Aamir Akhtar, Rammez Shahzad Mohd, Chaudhary Nasruddin, Mukadam Talha, Shaikh Shaebaz Zakir, Shaikh Muzammil

Guide: Prof. Mahvi Malik Shahzad